Friday, May 29, 2009

5 months in a Nutshell

I felt that it was time to quit my desk job and go into residency. I filed for resignation and scouted for potential residency places. Since residency is months away, I accepted clinic assignments on an on-call basis. I started conducting wellness lectures for an insurance company's corporate clients and writing health articles as well. I enjoyed the flexi schedule. I was a stay home mom on some days. I bonded with Mishka big time. Last month, the entire family went to the UAE to visit my mom and brother. It was a month-long vacation that was well-spent. Among the places we visited, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Chill Out Cafe and Ski Dubai topped the list. With my mom's incessant prodding (haha!), I decided to try my luck there. I'm back in the country for a short while. I'm just here to fix some papers. I'll head back for UAE next month. Might work there already. Sometimes, one has to take risks. Who knows? It just might turn out for the better.