Sunday, May 15, 2005

Back in the City

My stay in Sapang Palay ended yesterday. I'm back in Manila, gradually getting re-accustomed to the polluted air, house-filled streets, incessant honking of impatient drivers, Christian's pestering and Mama's nagging. I missed the TV, the internet (I haven't blogged in weeks!) and my brother's meals. Binged as soon as I got home. Over the weekend, I think I've successfully regained the pounds I lost for the past month. Since I've neglected this blog for a long time, I'll highlight my recent blog-worthy experiences.
Went to Manaoag and Baguio 2 weekends ago. Enjoyed Barrio Fiesta's food there. I savored every bite of their Baguio lumpia roll and crispy pata. Gulped down 2 glasses of their sago't gulaman. Outside the resto, had my picture taken with the life-sized replica of FVR. Went to Mine's View Park (hope I spelled this out correctly) and had my picture taken with Douglas, the adorable St. Bernard who's quite popular there. Trekked to Burnham Park and checked out their ukay-ukay.
Had coffee with Rej last night. I miss our coffee nights. Hope to hook up with her soon. Might watch Sandara's flick with her. She's a huge fan of the Korean chick.
My rotation in the Department of Radiology starts tomorrow. The schedule is pretty light. 7-5 daily. I'll be on duty once a week.

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