Saturday, January 03, 2009

My first day of work in 2009. I'm obviously suffering from the holiday daze.
The evidence?
1. left my water bottle
2. left my snacks
3. left my earphones
4. left my cellphone charger
The consequences?
1. will get thirsty
2. will get hungry
3. will get bored
4. will have to limit cellphone usage ... will get extremely bored
Good thing I brought along a book to kill time. Might finish the rest of PS I Love You today. Uh-oh. Just remembered. I left my MIMS and Expanded Medicine Blue Book at home as well. Haha. Now I feel so unprepared to see patients. Hope no one's in the mood to go see the MD today. After all, office and school will resume on Monday. People should enjoy what's left of the long holiday break.

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