Friday, September 21, 2012

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My blog has changed over the years ... From being a silly girl who doesn't have a clue, I have become braver and wiser. Definitely a woman in progress ...
They say that life begins at 40. I beg to disagree. Life begins as soon as you realize that you're here for a purpose - when you start asking yourself, "Okay, so what's the big plan out there?" You may be in your teens. You may be in your early 20s. Heck, you may even be on your deathbed when you realize this. But life begins ... This blog is about searching for the answers after that big question came. It's about forgiving yourself for being far from perfect. It's about laughing at mistakes and not taking life too seriously. It's about patiently waiting for the sun to shine once more after a stormy day. It's about learning from experience. No assumptions. No rules. Just life, the way I choose to live it. 

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