Friday, December 14, 2012

True Love

If people geninely love each other, the walls will break down, the shield will melt and the mask will fall. Nothing will stand between them. Just the pure and naked truth. They will speak the same language. Suddenly, every ordinary thing becomes extraordinary. This world becomes brighter and more beautiful. They will talk and discuss about everything, the small and big things. There will be a lot of questions which will be patiently answered until clarity is reached. Problems will inevitably happen from time to time. They will not stop until they find a solution. They will go through ups and downs which will make them stronger and wiser. They will grow together and inspire each other to be better. Their eyes will shed tears, their hearts will bleed and their bodies will feel cold at times. The suffering, sacrifice and struggle will be worth it. Because every tear, every drop of blood and the absence of warmth mean that they care enough to get hurt. They will love until it hurts. They will love with every breath and every heartbeat. This is true love. Love in its purest form ... devoid of greed, pride and lust. And this kind of love is worth fighting for. This kind of love is waiting for. This kind of love lasts beyond forever.

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