Friday, July 05, 2013

Musings on a Friday - Technology

Technology ... Such a powerful word in this age of gadgets and gizmos. I had a discussion with my friend months ago regarding the role of technology in the world today. Technology, just like any other, has its pros and cons.
Technology has definitely made life easier for all. Everything is at one's fingertips. My only concern is, if we won't be very careful, people will start to become anonymous and interactions will start to become impersonal.
Whenever I go to restaurants, I see families who eat together. This would have been their perfect bonding time if not for the fact that some of them spend more time on their phones than actually talking to each other. I've witnessed some friends and couples who hang out together but do the same thing. Spend more time on their gadgets and gizmos than with each other. 
Technology has made it easier for us to widen our social circle. I have nothing against this. I have met awesome people online. I do believe though that if one decides to take friendships and relationships seriously, interactions should not stay online. It should get more personal than that. Gone are the days when a guy surprises you with a bouquet of flowers during a date. This rarely happens now because there's an easier alternative to that. He can just simply send flower icons to your phone. Random calls throughout the day that burn those landlines are slowly dying out as well. SMS and social media messages are slowly taking their place. Heck, couples can even go on virtual dates instead of meeting each other in person.
I am not against technology. These examples are okay if they don't happen frequently. Let's not dehumanize our lives.
I miss receiving postcards. I miss getting letters through snail mail. I miss hanging out with my dear ones and spending the entire time just focusing on each other. Well, that's what quality time is for.
Yes, I miss being "human" and spending time with "humans." I welcome technology but let it not kill the very essence of humanity.    


Anonymous said...

Such is the fate of humans and technology. However I would argue that this same technology allows people from opposite ends of the world to meet - that otherwise would not have happened. And it is this technology that keeps people connected over thousands of kilometres - to see each other and hear stories and jokes; and share even the most trivial things like discussing the rising price of shoelaces. :)

Yes, most of us take for granted the moments that we should spend with our loved ones. And yes, I even find it relaxing sometimes to sit beside my dearest in bed while we both surf the net or do online shopping!

Over here in Oz, more and more families are having technology-free days - days where every member of the family gives up their smartphone or tablet or pc, to spend time together playing boardgames or watching movies.

It would be a tragedy if we forget the power of human contact.

littlerascal said...

I think I know you. Hahahaha. Excellent points you have there. Forgive me if I didn't focus more on the pros of technology. I wrote this in order to remind everyone to strike a balance. Let's make use of technology without sacrificing the very essence that makes us human. Good to know that technology-free days are being promoted in Oz.