Friday, November 04, 2005

I'll Miss the Boy

To the boy...
Who never fails to give me a wake-up message
Who called me up from his hometown just to ask for advice about an emotional catastrophe
Who's such a hopeless romantic that he has daily love quotes on his phone
Who was nice enough to give me a copy of my fave rock songs
Who loves the beach so much that he doesn't mind going there alone
Who listens to Marilyn Manson's songs during bedtime
Who doesn't know much about computers that he depends on the computer shop staff for his powerpoint presentation and word documents
Whose favorite YM icon's the devil
Who hates coffee but likes native hot choco
Who usually spends review nights at a coffee shop but orders juice
Who loves lechon and seafood, but for some reason, orders chicken dishes every single day whenever he's in Manila
Who loves fishing
Who can speak and understand all 4 dialects in his hometown
Who rarely falls head over heels in love but when he does, he does it with a deafening crash and every aspect of his life gets disturbed
Who calls me ate/lola and can get away with it
Who I fondly call ingkong
Who always ends every text message with hehe
Who can sleep for 15 straight hours without feeling light-headed
Who doesn't smoke nor drink but is an occasional gambler...
I know you'll be busy once more. It was fun getting to know you better. Thanks for the friendship. Hope to hear from you still. Good luck in everything. :-)

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