Sunday, December 14, 2008

When you're in your teens, you tend to be a bit selfish. You choose to do things that make you happy. Your first priority is yourself. You set aside a fraction of your baon for that fab outfit you can wear to the party where your crush might show up. It takes an hour and a half to get dressed. When your mom asks for a massage and you're feeling tired, you rant. You expect to receive gifts from your loved ones on your birthday. You refuse to run errands when exams are near. You break up with your boyfriend because you believe that there's always someone better around the corner. You whine about the number of years you have to spend in college just to get a degree. You're excited about the idea of establishing a career in the future that will provide you with more money for clothes and "extra-curricular activities." You're the master of your universe. Your ego is important.
In your 20s, however, you start to realize that you're not the only person that matters in your universe. Your mom gets sick and you suddenly feel a sense of panic. You don't want to lose her too soon. You love her. You offer her a daily TLC massage. You accompany her on her trips to the doctor. You're forced to squeeze in household errands a day before your slide presentation because someone's got to do them. Gifts on special occasions are things of the past. A hug or a kiss will do. When you get your first paycheck, you eagerly hand it over to your folks. You try to work things out with your partner because you have committed yourself to him. Happiness no longer rules your universe. You're responsible for your own actions. No one else can speak for you. No one else can save your a*s. Things get more complicated when your sense of responsibility is put to the test. Should you choose to be happy and get others hurt? Or choose to sacrifice your own happiness in order to make others happy? Growing old sometimes sucks.

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