Monday, April 09, 2012

Movie of My Life

The idea of making a "movie of my life" started on a whim. It was weeks before my birthday. I just wanted to try out something new so why not make a movie? Any movie. My cousin Nikay suggested that I try Windows Live Movie Maker. Since I'm not very patient when it comes to anything that's related to computers, gadgets and gizmos, I had to find the resources for my movie in a practical and convenient way. I suddenly came up with an idea - a movie for my birthday. I'll just copy most of the pics from my Facebook profile, add a song or two, add a countdown video from YouTube (I've always found the countdown part cute) and voila! My first movie. As days passed by and the idea started to get quite exciting, I realized that this movie has a purpose after all. I need not go into detail but I just wanted you guys to know that this is the turning point of my life. I have just emerged from a storm, an avalanche, a tornado, a tsunami or whatever disaster you want to call it and it was the biggest one I have encountered so far. My clothes are torn, my hair is disheveled, I'm heavily wounded, my limbs are fractured on both sides but guess what? I'm still breathing, I'm still sane (thank God!), I still believe in my Maker, I'm a lot stronger and wiser. My faith saved me. Time will heal me. I have a lot to thank God for. This movie is a reminder of who I was and who I am. No matter how many candles I add to my birthday cake, I'll still be that young-at-heart, bubbly, down-to-earth, caring, simple optimist that my family and friends love. I'll always be ME.

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Note: Unfortunately, not everyone close to me was represented in the movie. I only had less than a day to make the movie so the pics were chosen at random. I apologize for this.  

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