Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Rivals: Innovative Theatre with an Emirati Flavor

My Ticket :-)

Last Friday night, I was in for a visual treat when I watched The Rivals, a play performed by the Resuscitation Theatre. The group is composed of a multinational cast and crew of talents. 2 of them are kabayans. The group gave a brilliant performance which immensely entertained the audience from start to finish. I found myself smiling and laughing the entire time. I especially loved the witty banter between Captain Absolute and his father, Sir Antony.

"Also known as A Comedy of Errors, The Rivals tells the story of Lydia Languish, an heiress and an avid fan of romantic fiction, who lives with her aunt, Mrs. Malaprop. Lydia wishes to marry for love and is frustrated with her aunt's attempts at matchmaking. Knowing this, the wealthy Captain Jack Absolute disguises himself as poor Ensign Beverly in order to win Ms. Languish's affections and they meet secretly with the help of their servants. Unknown to Captain Absolute, his father, Sir Antony, has approached Mrs. Malaprop with a view to a match between Lydia and Jack. Therefore, Jack as himself becomes his own rival as Ensign Beverly. Hence the title of the play.

The Resuscitation Theatre is an innovative group conceived and directed by Maggie Hannan. Its aim is to articulate classic texts through visual forms. Resuscitation theatre adaptations use the whole space to cultivate the relationships between visual art, performance art and theatre. It performs innovative works in intimate settings, drawing the audience into the world of characters through physical expressions and interaction. Resuscitation Theatre productions are fast-paced, highly visual and usually run about an hour and twenty minutes without an interval."

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