Thursday, October 11, 2012

In order to hurdle our way through the rat race, we pray for good health, take multivitamins, follow the MD's advice, read self-meditation books, go to spas, etc. etc. But still, let us remind ourselves that we have the right to cry, get tired, get sick, get confused and suffer from a bad mood. Let's accept the fact that we are flawed. We may be strong and great in a lot of ways but we are not perfect. Let's embrace our humanity.  
*** A few weeks ago, I had to start getting used to wearing prescription glasses most of the time. This dependence on glasses saddened me big time. I HATE wearing glasses. I'm eyeing contact lenses as an option for weekends and special occasions. I'll see if they'll work for me.   
*** I suffered from the great big flu days after getting a flu shot. Isn't it ironic? I was probably hit by a different strain. Unlucky me. I'm still recovering from it. I have to get my immune system back in shape in preparation for my Pinas vacation.  

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