Friday, November 16, 2012


I would like to dedicate this post to my best friend/cousin Gie. I remember when we were kids. We ran around the house, each one holding one end of a jumping rope so that we won't get lost and separated from each other. Hehe. We have such a tight bond that our friendship grew even stronger over the years. I stood up for her when she got into a fight with her classmates over some petty high school issue. She supported me as I passed through my "awkward" years. She taught me how to dress up and put on make-up in preparation for a date. She cried with me whenever my heart got broken. She cheered me on as I trudged my way towards becoming a doctor. She gave me a piece of her mind whenever I did something crazy. But then again, she's as crazy as me. Sometimes, even crazier. :-) We had lots of fun times together. We toured most of the videoke bars in the city, singing our hearts out and dancing like no one's watching.  We pigged out on food, watched movies and chatted until we fell asleep. She tagged along with me wherever I went. She patiently accompanied me to the doctor, to the dentist, to the spa or to the salon. She's always there to make me laugh. She's always a BBM, a tweet, an SMS, a call or a DM away. To my ever reliable, lovable, funny and honest bestie, I love you. I hope that wherever I'll end up, you'll be living close by. I can't survive without you.   




margecollas said...

thank you ate! Always remember that I will never stop loving you even if I couldn't see you.

littlerascal said...

Love you!