Wednesday, January 19, 2005

i slept with spidey

As I was fixing my sleep-warmed bed, I saw a dead spider under my pillow. So while I was weaving dreams in my sleep last night, the poor spider was weaving an imaginary coffin for itself. I pity the spider (I'm an animal-lover!) but I still felt somewhat grossed out. Yup. I slept with a dead spidey. Ugh!
Do you, at times, wake up feeling a sense of bliss? Does your mind occasionally get blown away by tsunami-sized waves of thoughts ( There you go, little rascal. Abreast with current issues!)? Well, this is definitely one of those days. I have to pen my thoughts to decongest my mind. I have to share my happiness with someone 'coz my heart's about to explode any minute now. The weird thing is...I'm happy for no apparent reason. Hehe. Must be the optimist in me. :-)
I'm a sucker for romance movies. I can be jologs anytime I want to. Watched Got to Believe in Magic (for the umpteenth time!) on cable. I caught glimpses of this film several times before but i never got to finish it. I still don't know the entire story up to now. Hehe. One thing I realized though...Kinda miss Rico Yan's bedimpled smile.
I was planning on penning an instant poem here but I really have to log off now. I'll visit my aunt. Poem will follow, hopefully, later tonight...

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buddy said...

poor little spider.