Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I tend to write my thoughts on any piece of paper at hand. Anyways, I found this on an old drug company notebook. Mom was on vacation a couple of months ago. I wrote this list but I didn't get to finish this. I intended to give this to her.
100 Reasons Why I'm Glad Mama's Home
1. She lights up my world.
2. I need a bearhug.
3. She makes the best macaroni salad.
4. She's like Martha Stewart (i-compare ba kay Martha Stewart) --- knows how to cross-stitch, has mastered the art of paper tole making, etc.
5. She's my ever-reliable alarm clock.
6. She's my human MIMS as well.
7. She makes stressful days seem more bearable for me.
8. She's the wind beneath my wings (AWWWW!).
9. When I lack willpower, she complements my courage.
10. I miss her orchids in full bloom.
11. She gives the best TLC massage (*sighs*).
12. She makes Moshi smell nice.
13. She's the only other person I know who thinks raw egg with rice is a superb meal (of course the other person is moi).
14. She looks like Rio Locsin and that newscaster from RPN 9. Promise. :-)
15. *I wonder why I left this blank.*
16. She's the best GP in the world.
17. She's my jogging buddy.
18. She organizes everything for me. (Yeah, she even packed my overnight/duty bags for me, telling me where I can find my toothbrush, soap, etc. as she packed. I learned every single time that you'll best remember if you were the one who did the packing. Whenever I looked for a certain item, I had to rummage through the entire bag. Ang saya. Hehe.)
19. Everything's neatly mapped out whenever she's around. (Mama's fave question over weekend breakfast is ... "So, what's our itinerary for today?"
20. She's my mall buddy.
21. I miss her hearty chuckle.
22. She supports me in every endeavor.


Ana said...

so sweet. reminds me of my own mother, only she's no martha stewart.

Anonymous said...

A line I could not forget from a movie that was once my all time favorite: "Mother is the Name of God on the Lips and Hearts of All Children" - The Crow