Friday, August 31, 2012

Just wanna make a quick post to inform everyone that I'm still alive and kicking, just insanely busy. Got really sick this week which prompted me to visit a doctor. Being a doctor myself, I'm ashamed to admit that I only go to a doctor when it's extremely necessary. I wanna thank Doc Peng for taking care of me as usual. I subjected myself to a load of lab tests to make sure that I'm healthy and ready for my Pinas vacation which is scheduled real soon. I hope the results are okay. Keeping my fingers crossed ... I miss blogging. There are just a lot of things on my plate right now. For instance, my daughter will start KG 1 this coming week. I still can't get over the fact that she's ready for school. How time flies ... There's no time for anything these days except work and my kid. It's actually a good thing because I just want to think about the present for now. I don't wanna get overwhelmed by what lies ahead. I know that whatever happens, I'll be fine. I'll be happy. And I'll be at peace. That's what we call FAITH.


margecollas said...

i miss her oh so dearly :)

littlerascal said...

We miss you Gie! Come back here. :-)