Sunday, February 06, 2005

I’m a fan of Summit books. They’re the ones you can find in the Juvenile Section of National Bookstore. They’re this era’s Sweet Dreams. If you don’t know what Sweet Dreams pocketbooks are, you’re definitely not from my generation. Hehe. Anyway, stumbled on this list. I marked the items. My friend’s guy friend told her that this list applies to guys as well.

Things I Want in a Boyfriend/Husband

Kind ***
Great sense of humor (able to laugh at himself) ***
The biggest supporter of my dreams – my own rah rah boy ***
Passionate about his work ***
Sweet and malambing – loves to touch and hold me all the time ***
Is a little boy at heart – has a child’s innocence and innate trust in the world and mankind *
Highly-tolerant, open-minded ***
Is sweet to his mother ***
Well-read ***
Loves to travel and see the world ***
Remembers things I say, even ones I’ve already forgotten I’ve said **
Someone who always looks after my welfare ***
Has a great deal of respect for women ***
A hopeless romantic ***
Loves to give me backrubs and footrubs ***
Smells good! ***
Loves my family and friends ***
Fiercely loyal ************************************
Someone who dresses well, knows what looks good on him **
Doesn’t smoke **
Someone who openly considers me his best friend ***
Someone who surprises with nice little meaningful presents **
Loves to make love and constantly looks for ways to spice up the sex act (um, when I get married, I’d probably give this ***)
Outdoorsy and athletic *
Has wonderful, expressive eyes ***
Has nice little crinkles at the corners of his eyes when he smiles *
Courageously pursues his dreams ***
Shares the conviction that the Brits are the world’s best lyricists *
Thinks me the smartest, the funniest, and the most intoxicating woman in existence! ***
Believes in marriage ***********************************
Believes in God ***************************************

* - doesn’t matter
** - optional
*** - absolutely non-negotiable!

Source: Wander Girl by Tweet Sering

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