Monday, February 07, 2005

I'm still feeling a bit groggy. Drank coffee this afternoon in a vain attempt to stay mentally awake during the MOST BORING lecture I've ever heard in my entire life. According to my friend, Mia, she'd rather watch Godzilla. I think that's quite an unfair comparison. I heard Godzilla's action-packed and enjoyable. What our class endured this afternoon was a four-hour butt-tormenting, neuron-damaging and emotionally-stressing monologue that dragged on close to what seemed like FOREVER. The topic: imaging modalities (X-ray, CT Scan and MRI) used in determing the cause of a patient's headache. I was able to appreciate the X-ray plates a bit 'coz they looked different from each other. The CT scan and MRI closely resembled smileys with various smile intensities and monsters/ghosts/hollowmen... Are you guys familiar with FLAMES? Well, out of boredom, I did the FLAMES test on my seatmate/friend, Mia and her boyfriend. Hehe. Enough about my horrific/jologic afternoon. Not entirely the lecturer's fault. The topic was just too alien even for third year medical students.
Wasn't able to sleep much last night 'coz Mama suffered a major migraine attack. This usually happens whenever my brother goes home late, which he did last night. Took care of Mama and Papa (who was incidentally sick too). Slept in their room. Found it hard to sleep 'coz the room was so cold. I think I'm cold intolerant. I can survive without an aircon. I can even survive without a fan except during hot and humid days.
Mama asked me to fetch her at work today. That meant having to sacrifice Kitchie Nadal's gig tonight. It's alright. There'll be a next time. Anything for Mama.
I don't want to rant and rant tonight. Hmmm...Let me think of something to rave about. Enjoyed the morning lecture. Topic: exercise prescription. Yes. There's such a thing as an exercise prescription. Interesting. There's math involved. Hehe. After a series of computations, learned that I'm a couple of pounds over my desirable body weight. My prescription for myself? A 20 minute-ballroom dancing session 3x a week. As if I'll follow that regimen. Hehe. Just for the sake of seatwork. Also learned that surfing the net doesn't burn much calories and should therefore be minimized. I'm not joking. Got this info from the exercise pyramid that the lecturer discussed. As if I'll sacrifice my net hours. Another cute fact: Malling is considered a form of exercise. Yeah! Brisk-walking from Megamall's Building A to B is equivalent to a 5-minute workout. That I can do. :-)

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