Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Taste of Summer

I savored every spoonful of my first halo-halo for this year. The sweetness of the yam and the coldness of shaved ice brought back fond memories of the previous 25 summers I’ve tasted. Some tasted sweet. Some tasted bitter. Some tasted bittersweet. My best summer so far was my 15th. New home (my home for a decade now). I can still remember the smell of freshly-painted walls when we moved in. The squeaky clean tiles on the bathroom floor (I’m a bathroom person :-)). My summer friends/crushes. Incidentally, two of them are now my exes. Hehe. Holy week. The humbling Visita Iglesia. The spectacular salubong at the crack of dawn. Got to bond well with my cousins who live close by. Got accustomed to the day’s noise pollution (mostly loud music and orchestrated barking of dogs) that woke me up every morning. The hit songs that time: Breathe Again, Fixing a Broken Heart, Now and Forever, the first few hits of Backstreet Boys (I forgot the titles), Your Love…Fell in love with Nick Carter. Became a shrieking/screaming Backstreet Boys fan. I wonder what Summer 2005 will bring…Can’t wait… :-)

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