Friday, June 29, 2012

Caught Between Right and Wrong

By: May Rostom

At a certain age, we all reach the point where we stop to think about what's right and what's wrong. Recently it started occurring more often upon reaching this phase of self- exploration and thinking “we know it all” but get hit in the face with a shovel called “reality”. After questioning everything around me (even my own existence), I stop to think “am I where I'm Supposed to be, or is it where I Want to be”?!

You find yourself working two or three jobs, one of which is a family business that you’ve been stuck with since college, where the whole family is waiting for you to save them from their boring, structured life and start throwing their shit (pardon me) on you .

Most of us end up doing something else other than what we planned for which often leads us to the question …Am I on the right track? Should I just go with it or do I look for something else, something more Me?

Coming from a culture that resists change, it’s impossible to find an answer when you ask for advice; everyone ends up lying to you just to make you feel better or gives you examples based on their experience which- half of the time- don't apply to your case.

What do I make of this advice anyway, people don't know what I've been through, the path I've taken, and the decisions I've made. What difference is it going to make, why should I even bother?!

I myself think that my education- of choice- ended back in high school and that obtaining a pharmaceutical path and career was totally not the right choice. But wait a minute, isn’t that what usually happens when you're just a follower in the herd that is your culture or most likely, parents belief? Here I am, a pharmacist that made no use of her college degree and ended up working as a writer for MSN (which is 10 times better I must say). Taking the “Hard Way” out, not really caring what other people thought I should or should not do, did not stop me from making up my mind and going after what I think is right for me.

This is my 3rd job and I’m not even 30, yet initially I took this writing job as a challenge to prove to myself that I can type more than 350 words whenever I want to. As a reminder that I could always come up with new fresh ideas for my current job rather than being part of a herd.

This is exactly what I think you should all do when you go through something like that. JUST CHALLENGE yourself with work tasks, throw yourself out there, try new things, and don't submit to what people think you should do, because in the end you do not want to be just another ordinary person, we have a lot of these already. Live your life, not someone else’s.

Source: MSN Lifestyle

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