Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Why Noah and Allie Ended Up Together

By: May Rostom

A couple of days ago I was flipping through the ever so boring satellite channels to come across one of my favorite movies; “The Notebook”. I remember the first time I saw this movie I was still a teenager with a positive outlook on love and life- a dreamer if I might add. The movie touched my heart on so many levels and made me weep like a 3 year old baby that night I first saw it. The whole plot was so bitter-sweet to the extent that I promised myself I wouldn’t watch it again, I wouldn’t ruin my “Perfect” idea about love and having it all.

As I watched the movie for a second time, it didn’t make me cry as much as it did the first time around. Of course Ryan Gosling still made my heart beat like crazy but at the end of that movie all I can think about was “what the hell is this thing called Love”?! Do any of us REALLY believe in love to the point that we’re willing to be miserable for the rest of our lives for just that one person that got away? Throw ourselves and lives into ruin just living in a memory of how beautiful things were?

Opposing our families and society, going through a battle with almost everyone we know just to be with that person? Is this what Love is? A fight?

Every time I ask myself that question, my brain draws a blank; a flat line on a heart rate monitor. I mumble incoherent words that make no sense; I say things I don't mean or believe in 100%. My brain says one thing, but my heart interrupts it mid speech (for further clarification, keep on reading!).

Being in my mid twenties certainly did not help me define real love. It humbled me and dragged me a bit down from my “perfect” cloud, right down to where the rain is, but not too low near the ground.

Then again I say to myself, maybe it’s not a fight; maybe it’s as simple and innocent as this sentence: I want to grow old with you. I see you in my future, I want to plan it with you, I want to explore new things and new places with you not anyone else. I don't care about the consequences, I don't care about our “social” statuses, possessions come and go, and you are the one I constantly think about.

It’s not really a fight, but rather a declaration of what I want and how I feel. No pressure, no family ties, no anxiety from the excessive social needs, and no hurry to catch some stupid wedding train that is scaring the hell out of most girls these days.

Who cares what people think when they're not the ones that have to deal with the consequences of their words? Who cares what the right thing to do is when all you can think about is what's right for You? What make Noah and Allie such a perfect couple is the strong bond they have. A bond that despite the years and pressure did not simply break; and that’s why they ended up together. That even though they were both flawed, they were able to over-look each other’s imperfections. They were able to steer their relationship into the same direction, carrying the same life goals and emotions together, helping each other become better people. They were committed to making this work, they weren’t sick and tired of the “fight” for it. And the reason behind all that? The fact that they know no one else will ever replace them. The fact that losing them is so scary that they're willing to go through hell just not to. The fact that life has no “Clear History” button and that no matter how hard they try, they will never get over that one person. Simply, faith in each other and what they have. Faith in reliving those 5 minutes when she regains her memory only temporarily. Faith in this cliché’ but genuine sentence: “this is everything I ever dreamed of”. Faith in knowing that they don't want more than this.

In life, we don't always get what we want, we don't always end up with the “one”, and we certainly don't linger to memories of the golden days long enough, simply because we have no faith. In life, we choose how things will go. We all have a notebook; one that we believe in; the only thing that matters is how you choose to end that story; how you choose to tell it; and how you choose to play your part.


Nikki said...

This one's really nice. Well-said, ate. I felt it.

littlerascal said...

Thanks Nikay. This article was written by Ms. May Rostom. It clearly explains why a lot of people don't give up on love no matter what odds they have to go against. Simply put, they can't imagine living their life without that person.