Sunday, April 17, 2005

i missed the concert!!!

I'm fuming mad at myself right now. I would have mauled this blogger if I hadn't thought of the probability that a badly bruised medical clerk might scare off the sick at Sapang Palay tomorrow. Nah. Of course I'm still sane enough not to manifest such self-injurious behavior. Hehe. As I'm writing this, I'm trying my best to forgive myself as God had forgiven me countless times before. Rigid memory cells! They have successfully deleted the data about the concert last night just because I thought I was going to miss it. The concert that featured Kitchie Nadal, Rivermaya and Spongecola. I missed hearing Same Ground, Huwag na Huwag Mong Sasabihin, Balisong, You'll Be Safe Here and Crazy For You. About a month ago, I heard about this concert and was all so excited about it. My fave musicians. My fave songs. I felt really disappointed when I learned that clerkship would start on April 15. I thought I'd be at Sapang Palay that time. I assumed that I'd miss the concert. Clerkship started last April 15 but my stay at Sapang Palay will only start tomorrow. Therefore, I had no valid reason to miss the concert. WAAAH! My thinking engine needs some oiling.


~*galenlondeien*~ said...

ako rin! i missed this concert! i wanted to watch this sana. andun pa juana. si marvin kasi ayaw mamigay tickets eh. hehe! :)

littlerascal said...

oh well...paki-inform na lang po ako kapag may gig sila. thanks. :-)