Sunday, April 03, 2005

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Attended my cousin Jeric’s elementary graduation. My cousin’s surrogate mother, Tita Belen is in a Persistent Vegetative State after suffering from cardiopulmonary arrest. It’s sad that she wasn’t able to see her favorite son receive his diploma. While I was waiting for his sister to prepare for the event, Jeric approached me and said, “ Ang ganda mo naman, Ate. Sana ikaw na lang ang Mommy ko.” My heart immediately went out to him. Such a nice kid. Always has a ready smile and a warm greeting. A regular mass goer. Active in church activities. An enthusiastic learner. Readily does errands for his cousins. I believe that this child deserves to go places. God is good. He will be rewarded. On a lighter note, what habits would you like to graduate from? I’d like to graduate from the nasty habits of staying too long inside the bathroom (I’m not vain. I’m just slow in everything. I’m thinking I’m hypothyroid. Hmmm…), being overly nice, overloading my daily sked, blogging/YMing instead of reviewing for exams and falling for the wrong men.

Friday, April 1, 2005

No prankster around this April Fool’s Day. Had coffee with Tin and Charissa. A coffee date for me means enjoying a vanilla frappucino or a non-coffee blended vanilla drink while friends order coffee. Hehe. I’m not really a huge coffeeholic. I only consume coffee whenever I feel the need to stay awake during review nights. I do this even less now because I’ve discovered the strong insomniac effect of downing 2 glasses of Wai Ying’s cold milk tea. It has to be cold because I don’t like hot tea very much as well. There’s a huge difference between coffee talks among female teeners and adults. While people below their 20s gossip about their college professors, coming-out parties, boys, people above their 20s discuss about work, post-graduate courses, men and settling down. Asked advice from Tin about my seemingly suntok-sa-buwan career plans. She thinks it’s quite possible if I start small then gradually expand. Clerkship might change these plans though so I’m not writing them down yet.

Saturday, April 2, 2005

3 Reasons Why I Gained Another 3 Pounds Today

1. ate a butter and blueberry jam-weighed down sandwich for breakfast
2. pigged out on ramen and potato guratan for lunch
3. binged on rice, lechon skin, lumpiang shanghai, sliced pork with young corn, sweet and sour pork, and a hoard of buchi for dinner at a debutante’s ball
I need to work out ASAP.


Pauline said...

pano na ang workout sis? food fest daw sa sapang. hehe. am sooo hoping there'll be time to jog in the afternoon.

littlerascal said...

i hate our rotation. fresh from vacation tapos fiesta na naman kasi sapang palay. shit! we should DEFINITELY jog daily.

Pauline said...

true that. =) isa pa, i can't cook to save my life. i'm definitely volunteering to wash the plates. i don't care if i get sandpaper hands in the process.

littlerascal said...

i'm no cook too but i can't wash the plates kasi allergic ako sa dishwashing liquid and detergent soap. how pathetic is that.i need to take a crash course on cooking (i believe my brother will gladly give that).

Pauline said...

better take a crash course. =) we have 4 short days left before clerkship OFFICIALLY starts! ack!