Thursday, April 14, 2005

Pre-clerkship Jitters

Clerkship officially starts on the 15th. I've been suffering from a bad case of pre-clerkship jitters since Monday. Been sleeping real late (I thought I got rid of the insomnia long ago) lately. I certainly feel like a walking zombie. I hope I don't look like one. Hahaha. I wasn't able to prepare myself well for clerkship. Partly my fault as I was out with friends most of the time during the break. I only bought my first pair of clerkship shoes the night before the orientation. Bought the other pair yesterday. I haven't arranged my hand-outs for the past three modules yet. My medical bag still lacks tools. I feel so half-baked and downright guilty. I think I should have read pages of medical text instead of enjoying every second of my summer vacation as if it were my last. BUT IT'S DEFINITELY MY LAST!!! After clerkship, there's graduation then there's one year of internship, the boards and 4 or so years of residency. Good luck to Class 2006 of the UST-FMS !!!

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