Sunday, April 17, 2005

My First Rotation: Sapang Palay

While most of my friends are now busy with hospital work, I'm gearing myself for my first rotation: Community Medicine. I've already packed my luggage with Mama's aid. I'm headed for Sapang Palay, Bulacan tomorrow. The official UST vehicle that will take us there leaves at 7 a.m.SHARP. I'll be staying there for a month but I'll get to go back to Manila and reunite with my family and friends every weekend. Except for the occasional presence of NPAs and pickpocketers, Sapang Palay is quite safe. We were advised to be wary at all times. What's this rotation all about? We have time to work (cook for our co-clerks, wash the dishes, clean the dorm, manage patients, feed malnourished children, teach mothers to prepare nutritious meals), play (we can view DVDs and do sports activities at designated times), sleep and eat. Sounds a lot of fun? Well, it is according to those who have already rotated there. :-)

"Med school provides perhaps the best substantiation for Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection. For here we see in its cruelest form the survival of the fittest. Not the smartest, as one should expect. But the fittest to cope with the inhumane pressures, the demands made not only on the brain but on the psyche..."
--- Doctors by Eric Seagal


Pauline said...

quite safe, yes. but also quite boring. hehe. looks like our first rotation's going to be interesting sis... ;)

littlerascal said...

I know Pau...I SO know. *winks*