Friday, April 01, 2005

A Short Trip Down Memory Lane

Some moments definitely earn parking slots along your memory lane. I don’t believe in spending a lot just to have an extraordinary experience. It may be as affordable as going to the zoo, having a picnic in the park, visiting ancient houses, watching the sunset, building sandcastles, traveling to places you’ve never been to (I heard Sagada’s worth the long travel time), learning/doing new things like playing a musical instrument, singing in a cheap videoke place, playing billiards, going on a rollercoaster ride (did this once. I think I broke a lot of people’s eardrums that time with my screams…hehehe). Whenever I get schmaltzy, I think mostly of the great times I spent with my parents, relatives and friends and the food I loved (feed me well and I’ll remember you for a lifetime.hehe)...
  1. the wishing well in a used-to-be mall in Cubao
  2. the carp-filled pond in the old Greenhills shopping center
  3. the space ride in a carnival - less-techie version of EK’s Rialto
  4. the dinner-in-bed/TV-viewing while vacationing in Pearl Farm
  5. the dyspepsia-causing salad buffet in Camp John Hay
  6. the piano lessons in Rustan’s Cubao
  7. Samurai’s takoyaki balls
  8. night swimming in Morong, Rizal
  9. composing poems after a beach trip in Cavite
  10. the shrimp with broccoli dish in an old Chinese resto in Baguio
  11. trying out siato for the first time (hope I spelled it right) with cousins in Cavite
  12. every Visita Iglesia I had
  13. the school fair in Grade 6
  14. every educational exposure in elementary/high school
  15. my Le Cordon Bleu experience - I was the youngest chef in class. I’m planning on spending more time in the kitchen again someday. I’ve neglected this craft.
  16. Milo summer camp’s swimming lessons – My brother and I were such cowards. While most of our classmates became pro’s in basic strokes, the only things we were able to master were submerging our heads in the pool and forming “bubbles” and floating. Hehe.
  17. the Penitencia at Hagonoy, Bulacan
  18. getting rainwater-drenched after a hot day on top of Mt. Banahaw
  19. spending the beginning of Summer 2001 in Montalban (when I was an OT intern) - I miss the kwek-kwek and veggie balls at the Plaza, Nanay Baby's puto pao, the uniquely Montalban meals served by the ultra-hospitable Nanay Loleng, the bonding time at Anawim and Kye, my housemate and counselor; an opportune time to soul-search and start anew; small surprises culminated in a humongous surprise I'll never forget

    Yesterday was definitely one of those noteworthy days. Was able to coerce Mama to videoke with me. Since she just sat and listened, I did a song marathon and realized that my voice will start to break after 4 consecutive songs. Papa then joined us for dinner at JT’s Manukan Grille. The chicken breast was very tasty as usual. I prefer to eat it as is although one may opt to dip it in sinamak (Ilonggo vinaigrette), which is the usual condiment of choice.

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