Thursday, March 31, 2005

Some Poems by Ms. Jenny Pena

Came across an article entitled The Poetry and Passion of Joe Salazar. Such poignant poetry by Ms. Jenny Peňa…


Coffee and cream not tea
Salt and pepper not sugar
Black and white not gray
You and I not three.


A twig, a leaf, a flower
Sunshine, starlight, rain shower
Touch, feel, see
Earth, sea, sky with me.


I leave you my treasures
Glorious sunsets, peaceful dawns
Quiet streams, rocks and stones
Towering trees, ferns and flowers
The core of my artistic soul.


I saw a pair of fairy dancers glide
Bathed in moonbeams and twinkling stars,
Flowers and leaves, plumes and beads
Gathered and stitched, piece by piece,
Drunk with beauty my fingers bleed.


Flowers fade
Leaves fall
From my window I watch.
My soul cries
Catch them all.


littlerascal said...

vlad! musta states? sorry na-double kasi yung pag-post ko ng entry na 'to so I deleted the other one. nandun pala yung comment mo. i'm good. hope to catch you at ym one of these days. :-)

buddy said...

states? its good. and freaking cold. it drops to below zero at night and averages at around 2-4 degrees the whole day. at the best part.. food. damn.. i'm pigging out. hahaha