Sunday, March 20, 2005

poison has gone to dog heaven

Most of you guys know that I absolutely love animals. If reincarnation were true, I must have been an animal in my past life. Come to think of it, man is considered the highest form in the animal populace. The Homo Sapien. Whatever. I'm not a biologist. *smiles* When I was a kid, my then-house became a dwelling place for stray cats thanks to me. Around 14 of them to be exact. From that time on, I started bringing in pets I received as gifts or purchased in marketplaces and pet shops - dogs, fortune lobsters, turtles, doves, ducklings, chicks, love birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, fishes, snails and hamsters. I was a "young parent" once. Normally, girls of my generation saved up for Barbie dolls and Cabbage Patch Kids. I had a small collection of Barbie dolls but a huge chunk of my baon went to birdfeed and pellets. For a time, I actually considered becoming a vet.

Poison, named after a perfume brand that was popular at the time, was my very first puppy. i got her when I was 14. She was born a day after my birthday. She was supposed to turn 12 on April 10 but God decided to take her to dog heaven yesterday. Poison had my undivided attention until Moshi came 5 months later. Poison was a mutt but this didn't make her less special. She was a well-behaved pup. When my family moved to a new place, my mother decided to give her to my aunt who lived next door. Since then, I only saw her during meal time because I still made sure that she was well-fed. I still loved her dearly. Her death was a big blow to me. It was really ill-timed. I was just about to get inside the car when Gie broke the news. I felt so devastated. I wailed. I started to go through the 1st stage of bereavement: denial. Right now, I'm still stuck there. Dunno when I'll start to move on. Somehow, the thought of her smiling from dog heaven helps ease the pain. She will be remembered. She definitely will.

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