Monday, March 28, 2005

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Visita Iglesia with Papa and Nikki. I’ve been doing this for 15 years now. Usually, we start at around 5 p.m. and end at around 12 a.m. We visit 14 churches (1 station per church), sometimes even 15 if our legs can still carry us. We walk from church to church. This year’s different though. Papa (poor him :-() got pretty tired fast so we were only able to finish the 1st 6 stations.

1st station – Pope Pius Chapel (UN Avenue)
2nd station – St. Vincent de Paul Church (San Marcelino St.)
3rd station – San Agustin Church (Intramuros)
4th station – Manila Cathedral (Intramuros)
5th station – San Vicente de Ferrer Church (Binondo)
6th station – San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel (Binondo)

The fun part: dinner at Wai Ying. I missed this food place. It’s a small resto with dimsum and congee that can compete with Gloria Maris’s. The meals are a lot cheaper too. I’m an avid fan of their fish congee, siomai and cold milk tea. I got a bit disappointed because their congee tasted different that night. Good thing the milk tea was just the way my taste buds remembered it. Back home, Nikki and I decided to read the next 8 stations at The Most Holy Redeemer Parish since it’s just a couple of blocks away.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Went malling with Glenn. My fave destination spots: the petshop, the gadget strip (I wish I were as techie as my friends) and the “garden.” I’ve been going to that mall regularly for a year now but it’s rare that I get to explore those areas. Watched Robots. The 1st 15 minutes were dragging but the rest of the film made up for this. Generally quite action-packed and entertaining. I also had my fortune read by an old Chinese guy who I happened to meet years ago in a salon. For a mere 10 bucks, my seemingly bright future was told. Too bad I’ve forgotten what the balding man told me before so I wasn’t able to check into the accuracy of his predictions. I don’t really believe in fortune-telling but it never fails to amuse me.

I’ll write more on this weekend’s events in my next entry. Sleep beckons. Happy easter!

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