Monday, March 07, 2005

I'm a Singer !!!

Sunday, March 6, 2005

Was able to sing (with confidence...a first) during one of the best videoke nights of my life. The sole witness to the start of my singing profession ( if!) - my voice instructor/cousin/best friend, Gie. Only belted out (naks! belted out...hahaha) 3 songs: Bakit ba Ganyan (a good song for beginners according to my voice instructor), Is it Okay if I Call You Mine? and All My Life. Chose these songs 'coz I found them relatively easy (emphasis on relatively) to sing. Surprisingly, I got high scores...Suddenly doubted the accuracy of the videoke machine. Hehe. Even scored 100 when I sang All My Life. The much-awaited verdict: "You're a singer !!!" Whee!
Tried creating another blog site (tabulas). Apparently, this site is for techie people. Had a hard time modifying my site so I decided to delete everything. Dunno how to drop my account though.


Pauline said...

have you noticed you've been talking about videoke for about 3 entries now? hehehe.

littlerascal said...

i have. hahaha. the frustrated singer in me i guess. :-P i've also noticed that i've been blogging daily recently --- as if there are no exams to study for and papers to do. yikes!