Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Was able to explore Gateway for the first time. Trendy shops and restos. The downside: a fat wallet is essential for survival within its premises. Watched Hitch, a feel-good romantic flick. Anxsh and I got totally engrossed in the film because of its melt-your-heart lines and Women-are-from-Venus-and-Men-are-from-Mars views. What did this film teach me? A lot!

1. Love chooses you and not the other way around.
2. Love is not governed by rules.
3. At times you really have to take the plunge where the stakes are high for the one you love.
4. When you love someone, don’t wait and depend on the celestial beings to make things happen. Do something about it. Don’t let the golden opportunity to snag him/her pass you by.
5. In love, fear of failure has no place. Believe in yourself, get your act together and strut your stuff. Confidence counts.
6. Listen more and talk less.

“Life is not about the number of breaths you take. It’s the number of moments that take your breath away.”

I was thumbing through my cd box when I chanced upon a cd with “Chinky’s pics” written on it. His handwriting. Ah. It’s been almost a year. How can I forget? Momentary insanity caused by the Rebound Syndrome. There’s something about the summer’s rays that blinds you from the truth. Your emotions are heightened. Your heart becomes vulnerable. Your impulse control gets sacrificed in the process. There’s no physiological explanation for this yet. It’s just plain crazy. My friend (if ever you get to read this blog), I just want you to know that I’m okay. I know you are too. We’re both happy now. That’s all that matters. We’ll be alright …

Minna Ga Iine (All So Wonderful)
A Song from the Anime Series Boys Be

Romaji Lyrics/
English Translation

* riyuu nanka nakute issho nara ureshiku nattari
nan to naku tsuujiau minna ga ii ne
* For no particular reason, I'm happy just being with you
Somehow we can communicate, all so wonderful
kawara no shamen nekoronda teashi wo nobashite
atama no ue wo tori-tachi ga tobitatta
Laying on a river bed, stretching my arms and legs
Birds flew in the sky above our heads
futo miageta kyou no sora
doko made mo hirogaru
donna YUUTSU na koto demo
chiisaku omoeru yo
Suddenly looking up to the sky today,
it seems to go on forever
No matter how depressing something is,
it seems small in comparison
riyuu nanka nakute suki na uta kuchidzusandetari
sonna toki ga ichiban kimochi ga ii ne
For no particular reason, I just hum a song I like
Such times are the best, it feels so wonderful
yuugure ga kite yakyuujou yokogitte kaerou
jitensha notte akai kumo wo oikakete
Dusk comes, and we go back through the baseball field
riding our bicycles, chasing the red clouds
SHATSU no mune wo fukuramasu
kaze wa yume no you de
motto hanashi ga shitai yo
ashita mata aou ne
The wind puffs up my shirt;
it's just like in a dream
There's so much I want to talk about...
We'll meet again tomorrow, right?
itsuka konna hi mo owattari shite shimau no ka na?
zutto tanoshii hibi ga tsudzukeba ii no ni
Will such a day like today come to an end someday?
Though I wish these fun days would continue on forever
* Repeat
* Repeat


Pauline said...

i've watched Hitch too. =) damn feel-good movie. haha. weird ang feelings ko re this movie.

littlerascal said...

loved it. bakit weird ang feelings mo? see you later, pau. will you be in psg's induction ball too? punta din tayo. :-)