Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Suntok sa Buwan

Vowed not to blog today 'coz I have a Comprehensive Examination in Surgery tomorrow. My fingers itched so much so here I am in front of the PC typing away. I think I've acquired a pathologic addiction to blogging. Uh-oh. Anyway, the topic of today's entry: OPM songs. There are lots of excellent OPM songs these days. Among my faves are: Huwag na Huwag Mong Sasabihin, Same Ground, Mata, Masaya, You'll Be Safe Here and Suntok sa Buwan. Suntok sa Buwan talks about unrequited love. This can be anyone's story - a student who has a secret crush on her math professor, a fan who religiously attends every gig, a best friend who holds back thinking that romance will spoil the friendship, a successful career woman who's persistently haunted by the image of her puppy love or an old man who still dreams of seeing his pre-war girlfriend again. Sometimes, you simply have to take a step beyond your comfort zone. If you think it's worth the pain, take the plunge. It sometimes is, but not always. It may give you the best days of your life but then again, it may just be another humbling experience. I'm posting the song's lyrics below.
Suntok sa Buwan
Hindi mo ba alam
Damdamin ko'y pinagtakpan
Makasama ka'y suntok sa buwan
'Di mo nga alam
Mundo mo nga'y iyong tingnan
Kung ganyan, walang pupuntahan
Hindi ko 'to gusto
Pero 'wag kang lalayo
Itanong mo sa akin
At tatanungin ko rin
Kung ika'y aamin
Lahat ay gagawin
Di mo napapansin
Kailangan mo akong dinggin
'Di habang buhay ika'y aantayin
Ito'y aking hiling
At sana naman ay tanggapin
Nang puso ko'y 'di nabibitin
"while some good things never last, some don't even start..."

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