Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Mystery guy is a mystery no more. Learned that my aunt knows his family so I tried to squeeze out as much info from her as my guts could muster. I feel like a schoolgirl again. Hahaha. Might as well indulge in this fleeting kilig experience while I still can because I'm well aware that clerkship's just weeks away.
I think and I believe that I super sucked at my exams today. I can't really complain because instead of going over my Surgery notes last night, I emailed, YMed and used the phone for hours. Oh well. Hehe. I'll get by.


buddy said...

telebabad kasi eh. lol

littlerascal said...

sino kaya ang may kasalanan? 15 minutes lang dapat ang review break ko tapos naging 2 hours. hahaha. it's ok buddy. na-entertain naman ako. sana bakasyon na para mas maka-telebabad.