Sunday, March 20, 2005

Spent the night at Hannah's place to help her finish our paper in Family Block. The most convenient way to go to her place is through the LRT. My second time to take the LRT alone. Scary and yet so exciting. Hehe. The purple line's relatively clean. Mama congratulated me for an uneventful (meaning no bloopers involved) ride.

Today's Palm Sunday. Went to mass with Mama.

Kristo, Kristo
Bakit minsan ka lang nakikilala?
Kapag nakadama ng dusa o pangamba...

I may not be worthy of His love at times but I do try my best. Have a Blessed Holy Week everyone.
2 exams in Surgery tomorrow afternoon then school finally ends for this year. Whee!


Pauline said...

buti ka pa last day mo na bukas!!! =( may exam pa kami kay reyes, as i have been saying for the past week. ang annoying kasi!

grabe na tong pagka-weblog addicts natin. it's 5am, and i went online half an hour to supposed JUST email my recog info. hehe. as it happened, i also checked out my friends' blogs. buti na lang napigilan ko ang sarili kong mag-update. =P

buddy said...

buti pa kayo wala na pasok, bakasyon na. saya. ako 8 days na pumapasok.. i have no life. lol.

littlerascal said...

pau, there's no known cure for this blog addiction. uh-oh. hehe.

littlerascal said...

bud, at least you'll be vacationing in the states soon. pasalubong ko ha. hehehe.

Pauline said...

no cure?! oh heck, we're in trouble. i'm gonna need rehab soon! ack!