Saturday, March 12, 2005

Just couldn't say no to friends. I had big plans yesterday (in the med life department): start making my critical appraisal for Surgery and start reviewing for next week's exams. Rej invited us to merienda with her. Quickly brushed my plans aside. Since it's a day of fasting for Catholics, I had veggie tofu and oreo cheesecake at The Pit (one of our tambayans after class hours). Happy stomach again (burp-burp-burp). Saw Elli and Shaun there. Toured Amy and Rej within my beloved mall, SM Centerpoint. Hehe. It's just 5 minutes away from my place so I know every shop by heart. I psyched myself into buying at least one nice blouse but ended up buying nothing. Well, what can I say? When you hear comments such as "Malaki tiyan mo diyan.." or "Mukha kang rebel...," will you still have a voracious appetite for shopping? Thank God for friends who don't lie. I realized that I didn't have much money to spare anyway. Might as well use it for school or something more peso-worthy. My videoke plan (Pau, 4th entry...hehe) got foiled also 'coz a small crowd had already gathered outside the videoke rooms by the time we got there. Still felt A-ok though because I got to spend time again with people who mean so much to me. Rej and Amy, I need loot. Hehe.

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