Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm sleepless these days because of my daughter. She started sleeping really late. My mind starts to go foggy when 12 midnight strikes. Last night was no exception.

12 midnight ...

Mommy: Mishka, let's sleep early tonight.
Mishka: No, Mommy. I want to cook.
Mommy: Mishka, Mommy's skin is already freaking out because we're not getting enough sleep. 
Mishka: I'll help you Mommy. You'll be okay.
Mommy: You can help Mommy by sleeping early tonight.
Mishka: Mommy, can you teach me how to cook? I don't know how.
Mommy: (*thinks* ... Okay, I'm not the best person to answer this but I don't want to break my baby's heart. After all, this is pretend play. I'll pretend.) Sure, baby. Ask me anything about cooking. Mommy knows how to cook well. What do you want to cook?
Mishka: (goes to her toy kitchen and comes back with a piece of strawberry on a plate) We can cook this.
Mommy: Um, it's usually eaten raw. It doesn't need cooking.
Mishka: (drops the strawberry on the pot then places the pot on the stove) How do I make it hot?
Mommy: You just need to adjust the settings of the oven. (It's actually a toy stove but I was already VERY sleepy.)
Mishka: (rolls a piece of dark green clay and drops it inside the water kettle)
Mommy: What's that? What are you cooking?
Mishka: That's a snake.
Mommy: (doesn't know what to say) That's .... great. You've just dropped a snake inside the water kettle. So, what's the dish called?
Mishka: Snake food.
Mommy: Great! That's great!

End of pretend play.

1 a.m. ... (ROLE REVERSAL)

Mishka: (watching Hi-5) Mommy, you can sleep here. (points to right shoulder)
Mommy: Thanks baby. (rests head on Mishka's shoulder)
Mishka: Sleep Mommy, sleep.

1:30 a.m.

Mishka: (watching Mister Maker) You can lie down here Mommy (points to couch). I'll massage you. I'll take care of you Mommy.
Mommy: Thanks baby. (tries to rest but Mister Maker was making something very familiar. He's making a snake from a piece of green clay. He didn't cook it afterwards though. The power of my kid's imagination.)

2:00 a.m.

Mishka: I'm hungry. I want cereals.

Uh-oh ...

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