Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Six Phases of Study

I miss my carefree student life, dammit. Those years when I still had baon. When my biggest dilemma was whether to go out on Friday night or study for the exams. Admittedly, my worst habit when I was a student was procrastination. My excitement in learning stuff was only confined to the first few months of the school year. I was inclined to put off tasks until they really really needed to be done. Good thing I got rid of the habit when I started working. I remember trying Jolt when I was in pre-med in order to cram big time for a major exam. It was so effective that I was only able to sleep for 30 minutes. I was practically awake throughout the night. When I was in med school, I resorted to Waying's milk tea or cups of coffee. Cramming is a part of studenthood. Days before that dreaded exam, you actually go through six phases of study. Check this out. ;-)

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