Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Not All About the Money

Kuya Vien regularly sends inspirational quotes and stories to me via SMS. Sometimes, they are exactly what I need at a given moment. Thanks Kuya. Let me share a story with you. 

One day, a rich dad took his son on a trip, wanting to show him how poor someone can be. They spent time in the farm of a poor family. On the way home, the dad asked, "Did you see how poor they are? What did you learn?" The son said, "We have one dog. They have 4. We have a pool. They have a river. We have lanterns at night. They have stars. We buy food. They grow theirs. We have walls to protect us. They have friends. We have encyclopedias. They have the bible. Thanks Dad for showing me how poor we are." So, it's not about the money that makes us rich. It's about the simplicity of having God in our lives.    

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